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EcoFlow Duel Fuel Generator EcoFlow Duel Fuel Smart Generator + DELTA Max 2000 Portable Power Station Kit DM2000-DG200
EcoFlow Duel Fuel Generator EcoFlow Duel Fuel Smart Generator + DELTA Max 2000 Portable Power Station Kit DM2000-DG200
EcoFlow Duel Fuel Generator EcoFlow Duel Fuel Smart Generator + DELTA Max 2000 Portable Power Station Kit DM2000-DG200
EcoFlow Duel Fuel Generator EcoFlow Duel Fuel Smart Generator + DELTA Max 2000 Portable Power Station Kit DM2000-DG200
EcoFlow Duel Fuel Generator EcoFlow Duel Fuel Smart Generator + DELTA Max 2000 Portable Power Station Kit DM2000-DG200

EcoFlow DELTA Max 2000 + Dual Fuel Smart Generator Bundle

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    EcoFlow Bundle DELTA Max 2000 + Dual Fuel Smart Generator

    Discover the EcoFlow bundle, the best-in-class backup power solution tailored for your portable power station, including the DELTA Pro, Max, and Power Kits. The EcoFlow Smart Generator, a vital part of this bundle, now offers dual fuel support. With propane efficiency, it's smarter and more intuitive than other options. Integrate the EcoFlow bundle seamlessly for the ultimate power experience with your DELTA Max, Pro, and Power Kits.


    DELTA Max 2000

     More than just a portable power device, it's your definitive home backup power solution. With its potent 2016Wh lithium-ion battery, the DELTA Max 2000 promises to keep up to 99% of your appliances running through its advanced X-Boost technology. For consistent, uninterrupted power in any situation, the EcoFlow DELTA Max 2000 stands as the epitome of performance and dependability.

    A single DELTA Max unit packs a 2kWh capacity that is expandable up to 6kWh with DELTA Max smart extra batteries (available separately). This means when a blackout hits, you can continue to keep your home powered in any emergency including your important devices such as your fridge and lights for hours on end.


    DELTA Max charges up safely and rapidly from 0-80% in just 65 minutes. And it gets even better. If you’re looking for an even faster way to charge up DELTA Max, you can combine AC with the Smart Generator, AC with solar, or the Smart Generator with solar. 

    Looking for something to power heavy-duty devices like your fridge and dryer? With X-Boost, DELTA Max 2000 handles devices up to 3400W with ease.

    Stay powered on no matter what. The EcoFlow DELTA Max connects with up to 2x 400W EcoFlow solar panels to deliver 800W Max solar charging speeds.

    A single DELTA Max 2000 unit packs a 2kWh capacity that is expandable up to 6kWh with DELTA Max smart extra batteries. This means when a blackout hits, you can continue to power your important home devices for hours on end.

    With EcoFlow’s X-Boost technology, DELTA Max can power heavy-duty devices up to 3400W. That means during a power outage or blackout, you can continue to power your fridge, electric kettle, washing machine, and more. That’s the industry gold standard for a portable power station of this size and capacity.


    Dual Fuel Smart Generator

    Boasting an 1800Wh battery, the EcoFlow Dual Fuel Smart Generator enables a dependable power backup solution that pairs perfectly with the DELTA Max 2000 Portable Power Station. Its utilization of both LPG and Gas make it an intuitive, efficient, and intelligent choice compared to other contemporary generators. This combination easily synchronizes with the included DELTA Max 2000.


    When the grid is down using LPG as an additional fuel source it perfect as an emergency option for your home or RV when gas may not be available or hard to come by. LPG produces less fumes and decreased carbon monoxide emissions. 

    With a 1600-Watt to 1800-Watt 1 output and a 4 L gasoline tank, you can generate 5.4kWh in gasoline or even 20kWh with LPG 2, that gives you hours up to 12.5-hours of runtime with LPG alone, connect that to your DELTA Max 2000 all while using less fuel, producing less noise and producing fewer emissions.

    With either LPG (Propane) or gas, you’ve got two energy sources to deliver higher efficiency, easier use, and fewer emissions.

    Set it to charge your included DELTA Max 2000 or the DELTA Pro and Power Kits automatically when they drop to a certain level. All while having higher charging efficiency.

    When paired with DELTA Max 2000 or DELTA Pro you'll get a 40% efficiency gain, saving you fuel, producing fewer emissions and charging your batteries, that's down to direct DC-DC charging (10%) and X-stream charging tech (30%), with that, you can charge DELTA Max to full in 1.8-hours and the  DELTA Pro in 2.7-hours

    When recharging your batteries, you can still use the AC sockets to power other essential AC appliances simultaneously, if both your AC and DC ports are in use, it'll intelligently prioritize your AC supply to keep powered no matter what.


    4 WAYS TO START:  Electric start, Auto start, app start, manual start


    CO alert, fuel alert, engine oil alert, temperature alert, overload avoidance alert

    Digitally integrate your Duel Fuel Generator with the EcoFlow App by remote start, ECO mode switch, AC charging ON&OFF, and control DC output. 


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    LPG Additional Fuel Source

    With LPG as an additional fuel source, you get way more flexibility. When the grid is down, it's ideal as an emergency option for your home or RV when gasoline my be hard to come by. Not only that, you can store it longer, all while producing 10% less carbon monoxide and fumes. 



    Huge Capacity for Extended Blackouts

    With a 1600W-1800W (*1) output and a 4L gasoline tank, you can generate 5.4kWh in gasoline or even 20kWh with LPG (*2). That gives you up to 12.5 hours of runtime with LPG alone. Connect that to your DELTA Max to charge up when you’re all out of other options. All while using less fuel, producing less noise, and producing fewer emissions. 

    (*1) Gasoline = 1800W (1900W Peak), LPG = 1600W (1700W Peak) 

    (*2) Measured with a 20lb LPG tank. The power is not limited to this amount. It depends on the size of the LPG tank. 



    Save Fuel. Maximize Efficiency.

    When paired with your DELTA Max 2000, you'll get a 40% efficiency gain, saving you fuel, producing fewer emissions, and charging your batteries. That's down to direct DC-DC charging (10%) and X-Stream Charging tech (30%). With that, you can charge DELTA Max to full in 1.8 hours, or DELTA Pro is 2.7 hours. 

    The efficiencies don't stop with charging either. Pre-determine a set battery percentage, and automate the Smart Generator to turn on. It will recharge your DELTA Pro/Max, then shut down when full.

    Stay Powered Even While Charging

    When a blackout hits, it is important to keep your essentials running. The Smart Generator allows you to not only charge your power station back up, but it also allows you to power your appliances at the same time, outputting up to 1800W*

    *The total output of the DC and AC is 1600W in LPG Mode. The unit will prioritize AC output when needed to keep your devices on. 


    Automatic Backup Power

    When your DELTA Max 2000 drops to a predetermined battery level, the Duel Fuel Smart Generator automatically kicks in. Once maxed out, the engine shuts down to avoid extra fuel waste, emissions and noise. 

    Real Time Monitoring and Control.

    Once connected via Bluetooth or WiFi, the app opens up a whole world of possibilities. Set your battery level for auto-start, control DC output levels, remote start or stop your unit, and switch on Eco mode, all while getting a full suite of monitoring and alerts. Up close? Use the onboard LCD screen for all your vital stats. 

    Safety Is ALWAYS First

    The Smart Generator (Dual Fuel) keeps you in the know with a carbon monoxide detector, fuel alert, engine oil alert, temperature protection, overload avoidance, and a whole lot more. All are clearly visible with indicators on the unit, and all (excluding fuel alert) can trigger an auto-shutdown to keep you and your batteries safe.


    4 Ways to Start Means Power Comes Easy

    When you’re caught short in an outage, ease of use is essential. Start up the Smart Generator(Dual Fuel) via an electric button in 2 seconds flat.  Far easier than other options on the market. Alternatively, set it to auto-start* in the app, use the app to start it directly, or rely on the manual starter grip in case of failure. 

    *Auto-start requires use of DELTA Max/Pro or Power Kits


    Dual Fuel Has Never Been This Easy. 

    Choose gasoline or propane (LPG) to power and charge your essentials. With LPG it's easier than ever. Plug into the LPG inlet without any screwing required. Once set up, you can use the generator seamlessly without switching modes, then power up in seconds with the electric start button. 


    Easy Maintenance and Noise Reduction. 

    With a spacious side access maintenance door, you can keep your unit up to the job. And, with the built-in noise muffler, it only outputs 56-67db from a 7 meter distance. 

      DELTA Max 2000 Power


    What Can DELTA Max 2000 Power?

    Wether you are at home or off the grid, DELTA Max can power it all.  From lights, tv's, CPAP machines, phones, and laptops. It can even power the coffee maker for a cup of joe and an electric grill or frying pan. For your home DIY projects the DELTA Max can power your drill, circular saw and even the air compressor. 


    *The appliance run times and durations of use provided in the table above have been calculated with an AC Output. The data is for reference only. Please conduct tests to confirm actual run time of your appliances.  





    Dual Fuel Smart Generator Specifications


    Mobile App Yes
    67.2 lbs/ 30.5 kg
    Dimensions 23.5 x 11.8 x 18.7 inches / 59.7 x 30.0 x 47.5 cm
    Whats in the Box LPG Hose, Oil Funnel, Extra Battery Connection Cable, User Manual and Warranty Card, Spark Plug Socket, Double-Ended Spanner, Breaker Bar, Screwdriver


    Rated Voltage
    Inverter Generator
    Maximum DC Output Current
    DC Output Voltage 42-58.8V
    Rated Power Gasoline: 1800W (Peak Value 1900W) / LPG: 1600W (Peak Value 1700W)


    Noise Level
    56-67dB (full load)
    Start Mode
    Electric Start
    Continuous Working Time
    3.5 hour (full load) 
    Generator Engine Oil Volume 0.38L/).1 gal
    Volume of Fuel Tank 4L / 1.05 gal
    Type of Fuel
    Unleaded gasoline/ LPG
    Engine Displacement
    79.7 cc
    Engine Type
    Single Cylinder, Four Stroke, Forced-air cooling, Overhead value


    DELTA Max 2000 Specs


    AC Wall  Outlet 1.8 hours (AC)
    12V Car Charger 21 Hours ( 12//24V Car Charger)
    Solar Panel 3.2-6.3 (Using 400W x2) Solar Panels simultaneously w/full sun
    Duel Fuel Smart Generator 1.8 hours (1800W)


    Capacity 2016Wh
    Battery Chemistry NM
    Shelf Life 1 Year (after fully charged)
    Cycle Life 800 cycles to 80% capacity


    AC Charge Input Power 1800W max, 15A
    USB-A Fast Charge 2 ports, 5V, 2.4A, 9V, 2A/12V, 1.5A, 18W max per port
    Car Charging Input supports 12V/24V battery, 8A
    AC Output (x6) 2400W total ( surge 5000W)
    USB-A Output (x2) 2 ports, 5/9/12/15/20V, 5A, 100W max per port
    DC5521 Output (x2) 2 ports, 12.6V, 3A, 38W max per port
    USB-C Output (x2) 2 ports, 5/9/12/15/20V, 5A, 100W max per port
    Car Power Output 12.6, 10A, 126W Max
    SOLAR CHARGING INPUT 800W max, 11-100V, 10A

     NET WEIGHT approx 48 lbs
    DIMENSIONS 19.6 x 9.5 x 12 inches
    EXTRA BATTERY Supports up to x2 DELTA Max Smart Battery/Smart Generator
    MAX DEVICE (S) Power Supported by W-Boost 3400W




    Dual Fuel Smart Generator


    DELTA Max 2000 Portable Power Station

    What's in the Box?

    What's in the Box?

    Dual Fuel Smart Generator
    x 1 
    User Manual and Warranty Card
    x 1
    Extra Battery Connection Cable
    x 1
    Oil Funnel
    x 1
    x 1
    Spark Plug Socket
    x 1
    Breaker Bar
    x 1
    Double-ended Spanner
    x 1
    LPG Hose
    x 1

    DELTA MAX 2000
    DELTA Max 2000
    x 1
    AC Charging Cable
    x 1
    Car Charging Cable
    x 1
    Solar Charging Cable
    x 1
    DC5521 to DC5525 Cable x 1
    User Manual x 1


    Dual Fuel Smart Generator FAQ

    Q: Can LPG and gasoline be used simultaneously?
    A: No, the generator is in LPG mode whenever it’s connected to an LPG tank with an LPG Hose; it’s in gasoline mode only when the LPG hose is unconnected from the generator.


    Q: Is the Smart Generator (Dual Fuel) compatible with products other than DELTA Pro/DELTA Max/Power Kits?
    A: Smart Generator (Dual Fuel) can be connected to any EcoFlow products with an extra battery port. But only DELTA Pro/DELTA Max/Power Kits enjoy DC fast charging and the fuel efficiency improvement.

    Q: Can I use auto-start and remote control without connecting the Smart Generator (Dual Fuel) to DELTA Pro/DELTA Max/Power Kits?
    A: Smart Generator (Dual Fuel) can only be automatically started when connected with DELTA Pro/DELTA Max/Power Kits. Features on App including remote start only work when the generator is used as a standalone product, but others like adjusting DC Output and setting auto-start power level only work when the generator is connected to DELTA Pro/DELTA Max/Power Kits.

    Q: What is Eco Mode?
    A: In this mode, the generator will automatically match the rpm according to power output level in order to reduce fuel consumption and noise. Default ECO Mode.

    Q: Can it be used indoors?
    A: Like any gas generator, it must be placed outside 15 feet from doors and windows to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. The Smart Generator automatically shuts off if it detects dangerous carbon-monoxide levels, but isn't a substitute for having CO detectors in other parts of your home. 

    Q: What fuel does it use?
    A: Unleaded gasoline.

    Q: What maintenance is required?
    A: Go to More and then Maintenance to find more details or check out the user manual shipped with the Smart Generator.

    DELTA Max 2000 FAQ

    Q: How many solar panels can I use at the same time with DELTA Max?
    A: It depends on the total voltage and watts of solar panels you choose. As long as the solar panels use MC4 connector and its voltage and current are under 11-100V, 10A max range.

    Q: What is the Max Input for DELTA Max?
    A: When charging DELTA Max and its extra battery together, you can reach 3600W max charging speeds by combining any two methods of AC, solar and Smart Generator. For DELTA Max single unit, you can recharge it at standard wall outlets (1800W max), or combine AC and solar charging to reach max 2000W charging speeds.

    Q: How doe the Emergency Supply (EPS) work? And how fast is it?
    A: When your portable power station is plugged into the wall, any electronics plugged into it are powered from the grid and not its battery. When power from the grid stops, as in a blackout, the power station automatically switches to battery power within 30ms.


    Q: What's the water resistance rating for this product?
    A: DELTA Max is not water-resistance, so it should be kept away from liquids. Or if you're looking for water-resistance solution, you can purchase the DELTA Max case to water-resistance protection.


    Q: Can I use the DELTA Max Extra Battery with both DELTA Max 1600 and DELTA Max 2000?
    A: Yes, DELTA Max Extra Battery is compatible with both DELTA Max models, 1600 and 2000. Each supports up to two Extra Batteries.


    Q: When does the fan work and when does it stop? (at what temperature)
    A: Different power stations have various conditions that prompt the fan to start running of fan operation, for RIVER series, you can set that manually in the app, or set it to always be on. For DELTA (1300), the fan will turn on when the internal temperature is greater than 45°C.


    Q: Can I connect EcoFlow power stations to my house electric panel directly? (For all power stations)
    A: Yes, but please note: - The transfer switch should be connected to the power station's AC output port; - You should disconnect the circuits from the grid before they are supported by the power station; - The total power consumption of the circuits should not exceed the output power rating; - The output will not be grounded if the power station is not connected to the grid.


    Q: Do you have wind charging solutions?
    A: We do not have an official solution for wind turbine charging yet. However, a DIY solution is possible at your own risk. (As long as wind power meets our input XT60 port and AC inlet requirements of the power stations)


    Q: Can EcoFlow power stations be charged by solar panels and the 12V car cigarette lighter at the same time?(For all power stations
    A: No, this is because the car charging and solar charging cables share the same input (XT60 outlet).


    Q: Can I connect more than one power station together in series? (For all power stations)
    A: yes, we recommend connecting 2 same units in series at most. Furthermore, please also note: 1. The slave unit must be fully charged before being connected. 2. Must not charge the main unit when the slave is connected.


    Q: Why can't I connect (RIVER series/DELTA mini/DELTA/DELTA Max) to the app using bluetooth?
    A: So far, DELTA Pro/Smart Home Panel/Solar Tracker have a bluetooth module and can connect to the app via bluetooth. Other models without bluetooth can connect to the app via IOT or Direct Connection.


    Q: How do I connect to the app ?
    A: You can connect the power station to the app in three ways—Direct Connection mode, IOT mode, and Bluetooth (only for DELTA Pro). Please check the link below for our app user manual. Connection modes instructions are provided in detail on pages 4-9. APP user manual : (https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1996/9707/files/APP_user_manual_updated1103.pdf?v=1635933130) In addition, we have a video tutorial on this topic here: https://youtu.be/9oUPsj8FlTk


    Q: Device Will Not Boot
    A: 1. Make sure the battery has sufficient capacity. If not, charge and turn it on again. If charging continues to fail, please follow the instructions on charging failures. 2. If there is no response after you short press or long press (3 seconds) the Main Power Button, contact EcoFlow Customer Service.


    Q: DELTA Max Won't Charge Appliances
    A: 1. If DELTA Max is charging from an AC outlet, confirm that the AC switch is turned on. The same goes for DC outlets. 2. If the AC or DC switch is turned on and it still cannot be charged, confirm whether the output power of DELTA Max meets the rated wattage of the electrical appliance. 3. When the power from a DC source or car charger is less than 1 watt, the charging power will not be displayed, but the unit is charging. Try charging from another power source to see if the charging power is displayed. 4. When the screen displays an overload alarm, the charging power is too high. Shut down and allow the unit to cool down for 30 minutes, or try using a low-power device before charging again. If there is still an overload prompt, take a photo or video of the issue and contact support.eu@ecoflow.com 5. The AC switch will automatically turn off after 12 hours if the power of the electrical appliance is less than 10W because the power detection is equivalent to zero power output.


    Q: DELTA Max Won't Charge
    A: 1. The charging temperature is too high. If you use high-power electrical appliances for a long time, stop using the unit until the temperature drops. 2. The charging temperature is too low. If the outside temperature is too low or the temperature of the battery cell is lower than 0°C, put DELTA Max somewhere warmer. 3. The charging voltage or current is too low. Charge the device according to the rated charging voltage and current. 4. Change the charging method or the cable when experiencing charging issues. Replace the cable or power source. 5. If none of the above methods work, provide a video showing the fault and contact support.eu@ecoflow.com


    Q: DELTA Max Won't Charge From the Car Charger
    A: 1. Confirm that the 12V car charger has a standard voltage and power output. 2. Use another car charging cable to see whether the problem is with the standard car charging cable. Alternatively, use a solar panel to charge DELTA Max. If the solar panel works, the problem is with the car charger to XT60 cable. If the solar panel does not charge either, contact support.eu@ecoflow.com


    Q: The EF App Won't Connect to DELTA Max
    A: 1. Long press the IoT button under DELTA Max’s screen for 3 seconds until the WiFi icon flashes and the DELTA Max’s WiFi is turned on. 2. With the mobile phone near DELTA Max, search for the WiFi signal starting with """"EcoFlow"""" or """"DELTA Max"""" and follow the prompts to connect. 3. If you cannot find DELTA Max's signal, you can restart DELTA Max or try with another mobile phone. 4. If none of the above methods work, please provide the serial number photo at the bottom of the device and contact the support.eu@ecoflow.com


    Q: Output Overload Error
    A: AC output overload: the AC icon will appear on the screen, and the ""Overload"" icon will flash: 1. Check whether the connected device's power meets the unit's power range. Connect a device with a wattage of 2400W-3000W to confirm that X-Boost is turned on in the app. If it's already turned on, connect to the app again. 2. In EPS mode, DELTA Max supports a maximum of 2200W. Confirm whether the electrical equipment is within this range. 3. The power of the electrical equipment is too large, causing it to fail to operate. DC output overload: the ""USB"" and ""Overload"" icons will flash together on the screen: 1. The output of the DC/car charger is overloaded. Check that the rated current of the device is under 8A. If the current is too high, it will cause overload, and the car charger may overheat. 2. The output of the DC-USB-Type C is overloaded. Confirm whether the electrical equipment is within the current limit of the outlet.


    Q: Short-term Power Jump When Charging and Discharging
    A: Perform three times SoC calibration by doing three times complete charges and discharges. If the problem still occurs, take a video showing the fault and contact the EcoFlow Customer Service team.


    Q: Can Other Solar Panel Brands Charge DELTA Max?
    A: DELTA Max can be charged using any solar panels with the same solar connectors and within an input range of 800W 11-100V DC 13A.


    Q: Does DELTA Max Support Charging While in Use?
    A: Yes, DELTA Max supports charging and discharging while charging from vehicles, solar panels, etc. However, when the unit's battery is low or about to run out, it is best not to use it while connecting to DC charging (solar/vehicle charging). If the input is less than or equal to the output power, the device will continue to consume power, which may result in power loss and eventually damage the battery.


    Q: Using other products to charge Delta Max
    A: In addition to charging from the grid, car, and solar, other sources such as generators and inverters can also be used if they output 220–240V (50Hz/60Hz) of sine wave AC power. When charging DELTA Max, the AC input power needs to be greater than 2400W to enable X-Stream function.


    Q: What is X-Boost?
    A: This product supports X-Boost, an EcoFlow feature that supplies power to devices with a wattage of 3000W. X-Boost ensures the device does not fail due to overload protection. When using X-Boost, DELTA Max still has a rated power output of 2400W.






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