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11 Reasons You Should Buy a Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus Portable Power Station

11 reasons you should buy a jackery explorer 2000 plus portable power station blog post

11 Reasons You Should Buy a Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus Portable Power Station

Discover the ultimate power companion for your outdoor adventures - the Jackery 2000 Plus. With its unrivaled performance and versatility, this portable power station is a must-have for anyone seeking to elevate their outdoor experiences to new heights.


Equipped with 2042.8Wh capacity ,LiFePO4 Battery, the Jackery 2000 Plus delivers an impressive power output to keep all your essential devices charged and ready for action. Whether you're camping in the wilderness, embarking on a road trip, or enjoying a day at the beach, this reliable power station ensures you never have to compromise on convenience or connectivity.


The Jackery 2000 Plus goes beyond powering your devices – it boasts an array of features designed to enhance your adventures. Built-in AC outlets, USB-C and USB-A ports, and a 12V carport offer seamless compatibility with a wide range of devices. Its lightweight and compact design make it easy to carry anywhere, while the durable construction ensures it can withstand the rigors of outdoor life. 


Let's take a look why the Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus should be at the top of your list of portable power stations. 

1. Massive Capacity to Power Your Essentials for Hours


The Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus boasts an impressive 2042Wh capacity, making it capable of powering most appliances. 


The Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus Portable Power Station, with its 2042 watt-hour (Wh) capacity, offers a robust power solution for various needs. This substantial capacity is derived from its high-capacity LFP ( LiFePO4) battery, enabling it to power a wide range of devices and appliances. Here's a breakdown of what this capacity means in practical terms:

Watt-Hours Explained: 
The 2042 Wh capacity indicates the amount of energy stored in the power station. In simple terms, it means the Explorer 2000 Plus can supply 2042 watts for one hour, 1021 watts for two hours, and so on.

Charging Small Devices: 
Given its high capacity, it can charge smaller devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops multiple times. For instance, a typical smartphone with a 3000mAh battery can be recharged around 40-50 times.

Powering Appliances: 
The Explorer 2000 Plus can also run larger appliances for significant durations. For example, a 60W laptop can be powered for about 27 hours, a 500W portable refrigerator can run for approximately 3.3 hours, and a 1000W microwave can operate for about 2 hours.

Outdoor and Emergency Use: 
Its capacity makes it ideal for prolonged outdoor activities like camping or RV trips. It can power camping lights, cooking appliances, and even medical devices like CPAP machines overnight.

Home Backup: 

In case of power outages, it can run essential home appliances like routers, lamps, and small heaters, ensuring comfort and connectivity during emergencies.

Powering Tools: 
For DIY enthusiasts or professionals, it can efficiently power electric tools such as drills, saws, and sanders for several hours, depending on their wattage.

The actual runtime for devices will vary based on their power consumption. It's important to check the wattage of the devices you plan to power and calculate the expected runtime accordingly. The Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro's high capacity, combined with its versatile output options, makes it a highly reliable power source for a wide range of applications.

2. Expandable for Additional Power On-Demand

The Jackery 2000 Plus can be expanded from 2kWh to 24kWh's with expansion batteries.  

Jackery provides a range of add-ons for their portable generator, known as the Jackery Battery Pack 2000 Plus, which allow you to boost its power capacity. By connecting these extra batteries to the Explorer 2000 Plus, you can store any surplus electricity generated by the solar panels and use it to charge appliances that require varying levels of power consumption.

With the Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus Power Station, you can connect up to 5 additional battery packs, each providing and additional 2042 watts of power. This means you can expand the output from the original 2042Wh to to a whopping 12,000Wh. This incredible power solution is more than capable of supporting 99% of your home and outdoor appliances for extended periods during power outages or long camping trips. 

And if that's still not enough power, you can connect not just one, but two Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus Portable Power Stations in parallel. This means you effectively double the capacity, reaching a whopping 24 kWh. This system would include 2 Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus power stations plus 10 Jackery 2000 Plus battery packs to reach the incredible 24kWh's of capacity. Just imagine the endless possibilities and the absolute freedom this brings to your off-grid adventures. Plus, it's a total peace of mind during those unexpected blackouts. 

Additionally, these battery packs can be conveniently recharged using solar panels, which is a first of it's kind. With other expandable portable power systems, the expansion battery need to be connected to the main power station to be charged. Not with this system. You can independently charge the expansion batteries with solar panels for the ultimate in flexible charging. 

3. Can Be a Powerful Solar Generator


Unleash the power of the sun and transform your Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus portable power station into a powerful solar generator. Simply connect up to six Jackery SolarSaga 200W solar panels  via the MC4 connectors, and watch the battery replenish under the sun's rays. With a maximum input of 1400W, the Explorer 2000 Plus can fully recharge in just 2 hours with the full setup, making it ideal for extended off-grid adventures.


Plus, the Jackery SolarSaga panels are built to last, featuring weather-resistant ETFE laminates and durable frames, ensuring reliable performance for years to come. With Jackery solar panels, you can enjoy the benefits of their outstanding solar conversion efficiency, which can reach up to an impressive 25%. This translates to a remarkable amount of energy generated throughout their lifetime, surpassing other solar panels in the industry. Jackery solar panels can produce 50% more power in low light conditions compared to conventional solar panels (PERC). Additionally, their superior spectral response ensures optimal energy production, allowing you to harness more power even when the sunlight is not at its strongest.

4. LiFePO4 Battery


 LiFePO4 batteries offer several distinct advantages, making them a superior choice for portable power stations. 


  • Stability: Jackery's LiFePO4 battery boast a more stable chemical structure compared to standard lithium-ion. This significantly reduces the risk of thermal runaway, overheating, and even explosions, making them much safer for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Longer Lifespan: The Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus has an impressive 10 year lifespan. It's LiFePO4 battery can endure 4-5 times more charge cycles than standard lithium-ion batteries, translating to years of reliable use before needing replacement. This makes the Jackery 2000 Plus a more cost-effective investment in the long run. 

  • Improved Temperature Tolerance: The Jackery 2000 Plus LiFePO4 battery will perform better in extreme temperatures, retaining higher capacity in both hot and cold environments, making it ideal for outdoor adventures and even as backup power sources in unpredictable weather conditions.

  • Faster Charging: The LiFePO4 battery in the Explorer 2000 Plus can be charged significantly faster than standard lithium-ion batteries, getting you back up and running in less time.

  • Deeper Discharge: The LiFePO4 battery can be safely discharged to a much lower depth than standard lithium-ion batteries without impacting their lifespan or performance. This means you can utilize more of the available capacity before needing to recharge.

  • Non-Toxic: LiFePO4 batteries are free of harmful metals like cobalt and nickel, making them more eco-friendly and easier to dispose of responsibly.

5. Versatile Charging Options

Fuel Your Freedom: 3 Ways to Charge the Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus Portable Power Station


The Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus portable power station isn't just powerful, it's versatile too. When it comes to recharging its impressive 2042.8Wh battery, you have a trio of options at your disposal, ensuring you stay powered up no matter where your adventures take you.


1. Plug into the Grid: AC Wall Outlet Charging

The most straightforward way to recharge your Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus is by plugging it into a standard AC wall outlet. This is ideal for when you're back home or have access to grid power. With a charging time of approximately 2.5 hours, you'll be ready to hit the road again in no time.

2. Harness the Sun's Power: Solar Panel Charging


Embrace the power of nature with solar charging. The Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus is compatible with Jackery SolarSaga solar panels, allowing you to replenish it's battery using the sun's rays. Connect up to six 200 watt SolarSaga panels for a maximun input of 1400W. Under optimal conditions the Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus can be fully charged in just 2 hours. 


3. Hit the Road Powered Up: Car Charging

Even while on the move, you can keep your Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus fueled up. Simply connect it to your car's cigarette lighter socket using the included DC car charger cable. While the charging speed is slower compared to AC or solar, it's a lifesaver for extending your power reserves during long road trips or camping excursions.

Bonus Tip:
For even faster solar charging, consider investing in the Jackery SolarSaga MPPT controller. This intelligent device optimizes the voltage and current from your solar panels, maximizing the charging efficiency and reducing overall charging time.

6. Safe Battery Management System

The Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus is equipped with an advanced Battery Management System (BMS) that continuously keeps an eye on the battery's temperature. This intelligent system automatically regulates the charging and discharging rates to avoid overheating and guarantee top-notch performance, even in the harshest weather conditions.

Jackery's cutting-edge fast charge technology, known as ChargeShield, offers an impressive array of 62 protective mechanisms, 12 protective algorithms, and 4 types of physical safety protections. With its unique stepped variable-speed charging algorithm, this technology not only enhances safety but also extends the battery pack's lifespan by a remarkable 50%.

7. Long 10 Year Lifespan

The Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus portable power station boasts a remarkably long lifespan, a testament to the quality and technology they pack into their products. Here are some key factors behind its impressive durability:


Superior LiFePO4 Battery Technology:

Unlike standard lithium-ion batteries, the Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus utilizes a LiFePO4 battery. This advanced technology allows the portable power station to be more theramally stable, have a deeper discharge and a super long 10 year lifespan. 


Advanced Battery Management System (BMS): 

The Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus features a sophisticated BMS that constantly monitors and regulates the battery's performance. This system protects the battery from damaging voltage fluctuations, constantly monitors the battery temperature and activates cooling mechanisms if needed, and balances cell performance by ensuring that each individual cell within the battery pack is charged and discharged evenly preventing premature cell degradation. 


High-Quality Materials and Construction:

The Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus is built with durable materials and robust contruction including a flame-retardant casing that protects the internal components , a shockproof and dustproof design making the power station suitable for outdoor use and weather-resistant ports and connectors ensuring reliable operation even in harsh conditions.

8. Multiple Output Options

The Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus portable power station offers a diverse range of output ports, catering to various devices and needs. This ensures you can connect and power virtually any equipment you need, making it incredibly versatile. Here's a breakdown of the multiple ports:

AC Output:

  • 4 x AC Outlets (120V,20A Max). These are the standard AC outlets you'd find in your home, allowing you to power larger appliances such as laptops, TVs, mini-fridges, and even some kitchen appliances.

  • Total AC Output: 2000W (4400W peak surge) providing ample power for multiple devices simultaneously.

DC Output:

  • 1 x DC Car Port (12V,10A). This cigarette lighter socket port lets you power car accessories like tire inflators, portable coolers, and even mini vacuum cleaners.

USB Output:

  • 2 x USB-A Ports (5V, 2.4A): These standard USB ports are ideal for charging smartphones, tablets, and other smaller devices like power banks and portable speakers.

  • 2 x USB-C Ports (PD 65W): These fast-charging USB-C ports can quickly charge laptops, tablets, and smartphones compatible with Power Delivery (PD) technology.

Additional Features: 

  • Parallel Connection Port: This allows you to connect two Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus units for doubled power output (up to 4000W continuous) and increased capacity.

9. User Friendly

The Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Its intuitive interface features a clear LCD display that provides all the necessary information, including battery level, power output, and charging status.

 You can control and monitor your 2000 Plus with the Jackery App. It supports different devices, real-time status monitoring, customization settings, and more.

Additionally, the conveniently placed buttons allow for effortless control, making it easy to manage your power consumption even if you're not tech-savvy.

10. Extended Warranty for Peace of Mind

The Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus portable power station boasts a 3+ 2 year warranty. This means that Jackery guarantees the power station to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 36 months from the date of purchase.  Jackery provides an extra 2-year extended warranty when you fill out a form to claim the extended warranty from Jackery.


Overall, the 5 year warranty on the Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus provides peace of mind for buyers, knowing they are protected against defects and malfunctions. 

11. Strong Brand Reputation

Jackery has carved a reputation for itself as a leading name in the portable power revolution, earning loyal fans and a formidable brand presence. 

Jackery consistently pushes the boundaries of portable power technology, offering efficient, reliable, and user-friendly solutions. Their products, like the acclaimed Explorer 2000 Plus, boast high-quality construction, cutting-edge battery technology (LiFePO4), and advanced functionality. This dedication to innovation, paired with meticulous attention to quality, has earned them the trust of tech enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers alike.

Jackery's success hasn't gone unnoticed. They've received prestigious awards like CES Innovation Awards and Red Dot Design Awards, further solidifying their position as a leader in the portable power industry.


The Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus shines as more than just a portable power station – it's a beacon of freedom and preparedness, empowering you to take control of your energy needs both on and off the grid. From its impressive capacity and expandable design to its eco-friendly solar charging and diverse connection options, it's a versatile powerhouse built for adventure.


Whether you're a seasoned camper braving the wilderness, a power-hungry tailgater, or simply someone seeking peace of mind during outages, the Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus checks all the boxes. It's a reliable companion, a sustainable energy champion, and a testament to Jackery's unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.


So, ditch the limitations of traditional power sources and embrace the boundless possibilities of the Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus. Charge into your next adventure with confidence, knowing you have the power to keep your devices humming, and your essentials powered up!

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