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Jackery Solar Generator Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station
Jackery Solar Generator Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station
Jackery Solar Generator Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station
Jackery Solar Generator Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station
Jackery Solar Generator Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station
Jackery Solar Generator Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station
Jackery Solar Generator Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station
Jackery Solar Generator Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station
Jackery Solar Generator Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station

Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station

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    Jackery 1000 Pro

    The Jackery 1000 Pro generator from Jackery stands out as one of the most robust portable power stations on the market. With a capacity of 1002Wh, this efficient solar battery generator offers reliable backup power for your most critical home appliances during emergencies like power outages. Throwing a party?  You can power up outdoor appliances and electronic devices such as ice shavers, radios, projectors, smokers, blenders and more! 


     Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro 

    JACKERY PORTABLE POWER STATION EXPLORER 1000 PRO: is a powerful energy source that can be charged in just 1.8 hours using solar panels or a wall outlet. With an AC input of up to 800W and the ability to pair with 4*200W solar panels, this power station is perfect for outdoor activities like camping or for use during power outages. Plus, it's compatible with all Jackery solar panels, making it the perfect addition to your camping gear or emergency preparedness kit.

    JACKERY 1000 PRO:  is designed to be lightweight and compact, making it easy to take with you. It features a foldable handle for easy transportation and storage. Despite its small size, it packs a punch with 18 functioning modes that are displayed on a crystal clear smart screen display. Whether you're camping, traveling, or just need a reliable power source, grab the Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro and you can't go wrong.


    SAFETY FIRST: The Jackery portable power station is designed with safety in mind. Its pure sine wave inverter ensures stable power delivery, protecting your equipment from damage. Plus, it operates quietly at just 46dB and features a battery management system (BMS) for extended battery life. And if you need a light source for your outdoor adventures, the adjustable LED light is a great addition to this power station.


    CHARGE MULTIPLE DEVICES: The Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro portable power station is a versatile device that can charge multiple devices at once. With two 100W PD ports, it can quickly charge phones, iPads, drones, and cameras. It also has three 1000W AC ports, two USB-A ports, two USB-C ports, and a DC car port, allowing for multiple charging methods. This power station can support up to eight devices simultaneously, with a capacity of 1002Wh. Now that's charging flexibility. 


    ULTRA LONG STANDBY:   The Jackery 1000 Pro is a reliable and long-lasting source of power for off-grid living and emergencies. With a low self-discharge rate, it can maintain an 80% battery level for up to 365 days, making it a great investment for those who need a dependable power source. In fact, it can last up to 10 years with just one usage per week!


    Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro has Multiple Ports for All your Essential Power Needs

    People who use a CPAP machine understand the importance of having a reliable power source, particularly when traveling or camping. The Jackery 1000 Pro is a versatile power station that can provide peace of mind by offering 7 port options, including 3 standard Pure Sine Wave AC outlets, 2 USB-C and 2 USB-A ports, a 12V car output, and even a built-in LED flashlight with SOS mode. With the Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro, you can ensure that your CPAP machine and other essential devices are powered up when home or on the road.


    How do you charge a Jackery portable power station?

    The Jackery 1000 Pro is a portable power station that can be charged in a variety of ways. If you have access to a regular wall outlet, simply plug it in and your Jackery can be charged from 0-100% in 1.8 hours. For those who love off-grid adventures or camping trips, the Jackery 1000 Pro can be charged using four 200w SolarSage solar panels in just 1.8 hours for a 100% charge. And if you're on a road trip, you can use the included car charging cable to fully charge your Jackery in just 12 hours while on-the-go. With its multiple charging options, the Jackery portable power station offers ultimate charging flexibility. 


    Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro

    Turn your Jackery 1000 Pro into a powerful solar generator. For maximum charging add Jackery's 200W solar panels.  You can fully charge your portable power station with 4x 200w solar panels and be fully charged in just 1.8 hours. It is compatible with all Jackery solar panels, making it the perfect companion for camping trips or power outages. With its fast charging capabilities, this eco-friendly solar generator will provide the reliable and sustainable power you need. 


    The Jackery 1000 Pro is Light and Compact , Easy to Use, and Safe. 

     Whether you're camping in the great outdoors or facing an unexpected power outage, the Jackery 1000 Pro Power Station is a rock-solid choice for all your portable power needs. With its lightweight and compact design, this device is highly portable and easy to carry. The built-in handle makes it effortless to bring with you wherever you go. 

    The LCD screen provides up to date and valuable information on your power station.  Easily see vital information such as remaining battery percentage , input power, remaining charge time, output power, remaining discharge time, low temperature warning, high temperature warning and low battery indicator. Other helpful information is also displayed such as solar charging, AC wall charging and car charging indicators.

    The Jackery 1000 Pro features pure sine wave technology and a vehicle-grade battery management system (BMS) with the materials used having the best 94V-0 fire rating. 



    Jackery Accessories


    Jackery Accessories: The best add-ons for your portable power station

     Take your portable power station to the next level. Jackery has a variety of accessories to help you protect your investment and get the most out of your device. From solar panels to carrying cases and protective covers, Jackery offers a range of high-quality accessories designed to enhance your power station's performance and make it even more versatile and convenient to use. Plus, with extra charging cables and other add-ons, you'll never be caught without power when you need it most.

    Browse Jackery Accessories


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    What Can it Power? 


     What Can the Jackery 1000 Pro Power?


    The Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro is perfect for those who love camping but don't want to sacrifice modern conveniences. With pure sine wave technology, you can charge all of your outdoor camping and RV devices like a laptop (65w) 9 times, an electric blanket (55w) 11 times, an electric heater (350w) for 2.5 hours, a hair dryer (1000w) for 0.9 hours, and instant pot (1000w) for 0.9 hours and a kettle (850w) for 1 hours. 

    In the case of a power outage at home you will be able to charge your refrigerator (520w) for 1.6 hours, your CPAP machine (10W) 80 times, coffee maker (550w) 1.5 hours, TV (60w) for 13 hours micro-wave oven (700w) 1.2 hours and a tower fan to stay cool (45w) for 17 hours.  The pure-sine wave feature ensures that it's safe to use with sensitive electronics like your TV or computer and essential appliances.

    Additionally, there are two USB-A and two USB-C ports for charging smaller devices like phones and tablets. The 12V outlet also allows you to charge your car's GPS on the go. This Jackery power bank makes outdoor adventures more comfortable and convenient than ever before.




    Jackery 1000 Pro Specifications

    1002Wh (43.2V 23.2Ah)
    Cell Chemistry
    Lithium-ion Battery
    Life Cycle 1000 cycles to 80% + capacity
    Management System
    BMS, Over Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection


    AC Adapter
    1.8 hours
    12V Car Adapter
    12 hours
    4 x SolarSaga 200W Solar Panel
    1.8 hours
    2 x SolarSaga 80W Solar Panel 9 hours


    AC Output
    120V, 60Hz, 1000W (2000W Peak)
    USB-A Output

    Quick Charge 3.0, 18W Max

    USB-C Output 5V-20V, 3A-5A,
    AC Input 120V,60Hz, 15A Max
    DC Input
    12V-17.5V(Working Voltage)⎓8A Max, Double to 16A Max; 17.5V-60V (Working Voltage)⎓11A, Double to 22A/800W Max


    Weight 11.5 kg ( 25.4 lbs)
    Dimensions (LxWxD)

    13.39 x 10.32 x 10.06 in (34 x 26.2 x 25.5cm)

    Operating Usage Temperature

    14-104F (-10-40℃)


    3 years

    Optional Accessory

    Jackery SolarSaga 80W/220W Solar Panel



    What's in the Box 

    What's in the Box

    Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Power Station 1
    Car Charge Cable 1
    AC/DC Cable 1
    DC7909 to DC8020 Adapter
    User Manual 1


    Jackery 1000 Pro User Manual

    How to Use

    How To Use Jackery Power Station Explorer 1000 Pro


    Jackery Explorer 1000 Power Station FAQ's

    Q: What is the battery type?
    A: The Explorer 1000 Pro uses a ternary lithium battery.

    Q: What is the life expectancy?
    A: It is rated for 1000 full charge cycles, at that point you will have approximately 80% of your original capacity, and will gradually reduce from there.

    Q: When should I recharge the Explorer 1000 Pro when I don't use it?
    We recommend that you keep the battery power above 20% when using or storing the power station daily.  A fully charged battery can last for several months, please recharge it every 3 months to keep the battery power above 50% when not in use.

    Q: Does it support APP connection? 
    A:  Sorry currently, the product doesn't support the APP connection, however we will look to find another solution, in the future.

    Q: Is there an MPPT controller?
    A: Yes, the Explorer 1000 Pro has an internal MPPT controller.

    Q: Does the Jackery 1000 Pro generate any noise?
    A: The noise does not exceed 46 dB within 1 meter.

    Q: Does it support pass-through charging?
    A: Yes, the Explorer 1000 Pro fully supports pass-through charging, with no adverse effects to the battery.

    Q: Is there a small load function and how do you turn it on/off?
    How do you switch on low power consumption?

    A: Press the AC switch button + DISPLAY simultaneously. If it doesn't switch on, the system will automatically shut down after 12 hours of no-load, or low power consumption.

     Q: How do you turn off low power consumption?

    A: Press the AC switch key + DISPLAY for 1 second.

    Q: Is there a low power consumption function?
    A: Yes, please refer to the following technical details:
    USBA and USBC port: ≤2W, automatic shutdown after 12H
    AC port≤18 W (inverter), automatic shutdown after 12H
    car charger port≤2W 12H, automatic shutdown after 12H

    Q: What are the main differences from Explorer 1000 Pro?
    Below are the main differences - please refer to the points below:

    1) The Explorer 1000 Pro doesn't require the power brick, a piece of power cable can simply be used for recharging.
    2) The Explorer 1000 Pro has a faster recharge time compared to the E1000 and has 2 DC input ports
    3) The Explorer 1000 Pro has a longer life cycle than E1000.
    4) The Explorer 1000 Pro can self-diagnose faults and display it to customers.

    Q: Is the Explorer 1000 Pro an updated version of the Explorer 1000?
    A: Yes - the Explorer 1000 Pro can be considered as the fully updated version of the Explorer 1000.

    Q: Will Jackery continue to sell the Explorer 1000 product?
    A: Yes, Jackery will continue to sell the Explorer 1000.

    Q: Will other Jackery models feature a Pro version?
    A: The Explorer 500 does not feature an updated version currently. 

    Q: Is the Explorer 1000 Pro compatible with my device?
    A: The Jackery power station Explorer 1000 Pro can run devices at 110V, requiring less than 1000W. If this does not exceed the output power of the Explorer's AC port, it can be supported by The Explorer.

    Calculate the charging time by using the following formula:

    Working time = Explorer's watt-hours * 0.85/operating power of your device.

    Q: How long does it take in total for car charging, wall charging and solar charging?
    A: It can be fully charged with the AC charger in 2 hours using fast charging.

    One car charger can fully charge the E1000 Pro in 12 hours, with 2 car chargers in 6 hours.

    And it can be fully charged with 800W solar panels in 1.8 hours (time differs depending on sunlight intensity, angle and temperature).

    Q: What certifications does the Explorer 1000 Pro have?
    A: Here are all of the certifications of the product: UN38.3/Quality Inspection GB31241/ICES-003/TSCA/California 65/CEC/DOE/Nrcan
    battery: GB31241-2014/UL1642/RoHS/REACH/UN38.3

    Q: What is the package size?
    A: Please refer to the size and weight as of below:
    13.64KG (including UN certified box)/39.5*31.5*43.5cm (including UN certified box)
    The product itself is approximately 11.5Kg/length 34 x width 26 x height 25.55cm


    Q: What do the packaging contents of the Explorer 1000 Pro include?
    A: The packaging contents includes: 1* AC Cable, 1* Car Charger Cable, 2 *8mm Adapters (transfer DC7909 to DC8020), 1*User Manual.


    Q: Can I use the car charger, wall charger and the solar panel to charge the Explorer 1000 Pro simultaneously?
    A: Yes, however DC takes priority.

    Q: Can I use 2 car chargers to charge simultaneously-will it shorten charging?
    A: Yes - it will shorten the charging time by up to half the time.

    Q: Can the two input ports be connected to different Jackery solar panels and in different quantities additionally?
    A: Yes, the two DC inputs are independent and it will not affect each other.

    Q: How do you connect the 80W Solar Panel to the Explorer 1000 Pro?
    A: Please plug the cable directly into the Explorer 1000 Pro.


    Q: How do you connect 2 units of 80W solar panels to the Explorer 1000 Pro?
    Please plug the 2 units of 80W solar panels directly into the 2 DC input ports.

    Q: How do you connect 4 units of 200W solar panels to the Explorer 1000 Pro?
    A: Please use 2 Jackery solar connectors, and connect the 2 panels in and then plug them into Explorer 1000 Pro. 


    Q: How can I use the double-sided power generation function of the 80W solar panel?
    A: The solar panel 80W comes with a reflective carrying case. It features double -sided power generation through the reflective optical fiber, and reflective angle can be adjusted, through the sticking position of the magic tape of the carrying case. 


    Q: Is the Explorer 1000 Pro waterproof?
    A: The Explorer 1000 Pro is not waterproof. Please make sure you keep away from the rain. 


    Q: Is the exterior material fireproof?
    A: The Explorer 1000 Pro uses the highest 94V-0 fireproof material required by UL in the United States. 


    Q: Where is the adapter block?
    A: The Explorer 1000 Pro has an internal adapter-please plug the cable into it to recharge directly. 


    Q: Does the product come with a PD 100W cable?
    A: It does not. Please purchase separately. 


    Q: How long is the AC wall charger/car charger cable/solar charging cable?
    A: The AC cable and DC car charging cable is 2 meters long, with 80W solar panel coming with a 2-meter extension cable that transfers the DC8020 to DC7909.


    Q: Does the carrying case come with the Explorer 1000 Pro?
    A: It does not. Please purchase the carrying case separately. 


    Q: Can I use the adapters of the Explorer 2000 Pro to recharge the Explorer 1000 Pro?
    A: Jackery strongly recommends that you DO NOT use other solar panel brands to recharge the Jackery power station products

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