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EcoFlow Battery Cooler EcoFlow Glacier + RIVER 2 Pro Bundle
EcoFlow Battery Cooler EcoFlow Glacier + RIVER 2 Pro Bundle
EcoFlow Battery Cooler EcoFlow Glacier + RIVER 2 Pro Bundle
EcoFlow Battery Cooler EcoFlow Glacier + RIVER 2 Pro Bundle
EcoFlow Battery Cooler EcoFlow Glacier + RIVER 2 Pro Bundle
EcoFlow Battery Cooler EcoFlow Glacier + RIVER 2 Pro Bundle
EcoFlow Battery Cooler EcoFlow Glacier + RIVER 2 Pro Bundle
EcoFlow Battery Cooler EcoFlow Glacier + RIVER 2 Pro Bundle
EcoFlow Battery Cooler EcoFlow Glacier + RIVER 2 Pro Bundle

EcoFlow Glacier + RIVER 2 Pro Bundle

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    EcoFlow Glacier + RIVER 2 Pro Bundle


    Experience the unparalleled power of the EcoFlow Glacier with an impressive 98-hour run time when paired with the EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro and its Plug-in Battery under its Glacier Eco mode. Enjoy fresh food and icy cold sodas for an extended period of over 3 days. Whether you're on the road in an SUV, pick-up truck, or RV, or camping out in a tent, this EcoFlow Cooler ensures you're never left with warm or spoiled food. Upgrade your adventure with the EcoFlow Glacier battery cooler, the World's First 3-in-1 Portable Fridge, Freezer and Ice Maker.

    EcoFlow Glacier 


    The GLACIER portable fridge is the perfect solution for those who need to keep their food and drinks cold while on the go. It is designed to be completely portable and can be powered by a plug-in battery, which means you don't have to worry about messy cables or being limited by power outlets. With a large battery capacity of 298Wh, you can enjoy up to 40 hours of cooling time. Plus, with 100W max USB-C charging, you can even use it to charge your phones and laptops.

    The EcoFlow GLACIER has a powerful 120W compressor, and can produce 18 solid ice cubes in just 12 minutes, ensuring that your drinks stay chilled even on the hottest of days. Whether you're camping, hiking, or simply enjoying a day at the beach, this portable fridge is the perfect companion for all your outdoor activities. 

    This portable fridge freezer and ice maker is a versatile appliance that can be divided into two zones with independent temperature control. It can refrigerate and freeze anything from 50°F (10°C) to -13°F (-25°C), making it perfect for storing a variety foods and drinks. It flawlessly adapts to your needs, making it a convenient and practical addition to any outdoor adventure or road trip.


    EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro


    The EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro is a portable power system that provides reliable, clean, and renewable energy. Whether you need backup power at home or want to power up your tailgate party. It's one of the most versatile portable power stations available and sets a new standard for battery-powered generators. With a capacity of 768Wh and an output of 800W, it's compatible with a wide range of devices, so you can stay powered up for hours, no matter where you are.


    The EcoFlow River 2 Pro Portable Power Station is a cutting-edge device that can revolutionize the way we power our lives. One of the key benefits of this device is its ability to charge using solar energy, which can provide up to 1.8 kWh of power per day. This means that the River 2 Pro can be recharged using the sun's energy, which is a completely renewable and sustainable source of power. Also, the River 2 Pro can provide power for a variety of devices, including laptops, phones, and even small appliances. This power station is an ideal solution for people who are looking to reduce their reliance on traditional energy sources and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

    The EcoFlow River 2 Pro Portable Power Station is designed to provide users with fast and efficient charging capabilities. It can be charged from a regular AC outlet from 0-100% in just 70 minutes! This means that users can quickly and easily recharge the River 2 Pro, ensuring that they have access to the power they need at all times. Whether you're on the go, traveling, or camping, the fast recharging time of the River 2 Pro makes it an ideal choice for those who need reliable and efficient power. Plus, with its compact and portable design, the River 2 Pro can be taken with you wherever you go, so you never have to worry about being without power again.


    The EcoFlow River 2 Pro Portable Power Station is not only an efficient and convenient source of power, but it is also one of the safest options on the market. This is due to its use of an LFP battery, which is known for its safety and reliability. LFP batteries are much less prone to thermal runaway, which is a common issue with other types of batteries. Additionally, the LFP battery used in the River 2 Pro is designed to last up to 10 years, providing users with long-lasting and dependable power. This means that you can rely on the River 2 Pro for years to come, without worrying about battery failure or safety issues. Overall, the use of an LFP battery makes the River 2 Pro one of the safest and most reliable portable power stations available.

    With its impressive X-Boost output, this portable power station can provide up to 1600W of power, making it possible to run a wide range of home appliances, from refrigerators to power tools. The EcoFlow River 2 Pro is a powerful and reliable portable energy solution that can make your life easier and more convenient.


    Unlock an extended 5-year warranty for worry-free experience.




    Not only does it function as a fridge and freezer, but it also has an ice maker that can produce 18 solid ice cubes in just 12 minutes. With its powerful 120w compressor and dual-zone temperature control, the EcoFlow Glacier can keep your food and drinks at the perfect temperature. Plus, with the plug-in battery,( available separately). you can enjoy up to 40 hours of cooling without any wires. Say goodbye to traditional coolers and hello to the future of portable refrigeration.

    This EcoFlow Glacier Portable Fridge does NOT come with the Plug-In Extra Battery or the Detachable Wheels and Lever Handle

    Click Below to Purchase

    Glacier Plug-in Extra Battery 

    Glacier Detachable Wheels and Lever


     EcoFlow Glacier Portable Fridge 

    The EcoFlow GLACIER is a game-changer in the world of portable refrigeration.




    Industry's First Integrated Ice-Maker

    Introducing the industry's first portable fridge freezer with an integrated ice maker. With a powerful 120W compressor, this device can produce 18 solid ice cubes in just 12 minutes, perfect for keeping your drinks chilled on the go. Whether you're on a road trip or camping adventure, this portable fridge freezer and ice maker combo is a must-have for all your outdoor activities. 



    Dual Zone, Dual Control 

     With dual zones and independent temperature control, this fridge-freezer can refrigerate and freeze from 50°F (10°C) to -13°F (-25°C), making it perfect for storing everything from meats, fruits and vegetable to soft drinks. With the Glacier's removable divider, you can easily separate the fridge into two zones to meet your specific needs. Glacier's compressor allows for it to be both a fridge and a freezer at the same time for ultimate flexibility. So whether you're camping, road tripping, or just need some extra fridge space at home, the EcoFlow Glacier is the solution. 


    Cooling For Up To 40 hours

    298Wh Battery 

    Designed for absolute portability, the EcoFlow GLACIER portable fridge and freezer can be powered by the Plug-in Battery ( available separately) and (as a bundle) so you can free from messy, limiting cables. With a large battery capacity of 298Wh, savor up to 40 hours of easy access to frozen meals, fresh fruit, and ice-cold beverages.

    Click Here To Purchase the Glacier Plug-in Extra Battery 

    The test result was gained with the fridge empty, its temperature set to 39℉ (4°C), and the ambient temperature of 77℉ (25°C).

     Charge Laptops and More on the Go

    100W Max USB-C

    With 100W max USB-C charging, it even powers up your phones and laptops so you'll never be out of touch even when you are off the grid. 



     Large Capacity and Portability

    38L Capacity (60 x 330ml)  and Detachable Handle and Wheels

    This portable fridge freezer is the perfect addition to any outdoor adventure. With a capacity of 38L, you can pack it full of fresh fruits and veggies for a picnic or load it up with steaks for an off-roading trip. The best part? It's easy to transport with just one lever and a set of detachable wheels ( available separately). Take it with you wherever you go, whether it's fitting it on your RV's countertop or in the passenger seat or trunk of your car. The GLACIER portable fridge freezer is versatile and compact, making it the perfect companion for any adventure.

    Click Here to Purchase the Detachable Wheels and Handle


     Multiple Charging Options

    The EcoFlow GLACIER is revolutionizing the world of portable fridge freezers by offering a direct solar charging solution. Unlike other outdoor refrigerators that require solar energy to be fed into a portable power station first, the GLACIER can be charged directly with solar panels up to 240W. This means that you can enjoy a fully charged fridge in as little as 2.1 hours using solar power alone. If you prefer to charge via AC or DC, the GLACIER can be fully charged in 2.2 hours with AC charging and 2.1-4 hours respectively, depending on whether you're using a 12V or 24V DC charger.

    Solar charging applies only when GLACIER is connected to the Plug-in Battery available separately or as a bundle.

    Rugged and Insulated Design with Green Materials

    EcoFlow GLACIER portable fridge with freezer is constructed using vacuum insulation panels (VIPs). The thermal efficiency of VIPs is extremely high, especially when compared with traditional insulators. This greatly reduces GLACIERs energy consumption. Whats more, the production of VIPs does not result in toxic wastewater, waste gas or other pollutants giving GLACIER excellent green credentials.




     EcoFlow Glacier Portable Fridge and Freezer 

    EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro 




    EcoFlow GLACIER Specs

     AC Input 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 180W
    Car Charging Input 192W (12/24V, 8A Max)
    Operational Volume Single zone: 38L (40 qt.); Dual zone: 36L (38 qt.)
    Dimensions ( wheels and handle not included) 776 × 385 × 445 mm / 30.6 × 15.2 × 17.5 in
    Refrigeration Temperature Range –25°C to 10°C (–13°F-50°F) (ambient temperature at 25°C)
    Refrigerant Type/Amount 600a, 32 g
    Refrigeration Power Rating 120W

    This product supports 2.4G Wi-Fi only

    Solar Charging Input 240W (11-60V, 13A Max)
    Battery Pack Power 100W (USB-C)
    Net Weight

    23 kg / 50.7 lbs

    IP Rating IPX4
    Noise Level (stable operation) Ice making: <52dB; Refrigeration: <42dB
    Quick Freezing Mode (86º F to 32º F) 15 minutes
    Bluetooth Yes

    EcoFlow RIVER 2 Pro Specs


    Capacity 768Wh
    Battery Chemistry LFP (LiFePO4 Battery)
    Cycle Life
    80% + capacity after 3000 cycles


    Solar Input 11-50V 13A, 220W Max
    AC Input
    100-120V~50Hz/60Hz, 940W Max
    Car Input

    12V/24V, 8A, 100W Max

    USB-C Input/Output
    5/9/12/15/20V 5A, 100W Max
    DC Output

    12.6V, 10A/3A/3A, 126W Max

    AC Output
    Pure Sine Wave, 800W total (surge 1600W), 120V ~ 50Hz/60Hz
    USB-A Output

    5V, 2.4A, 12W Max

    DC5521 Output

    12.6V, 3A, 36W Max

    Car Input

    12V/24V, *A, 100W Max


    Discharge Temperature 14°F to 113°F
    Optimal Operating Temperature

    68°F to 86°F

    Charge Temperature

    32°F to 113°F

    Storage Temperature

    14°F to 113°F (68°F to 86°F is best)


    NET WEIGHT 17.2 lbs

    270 x 260 x 226mm


    Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

    MAX DEVICE(S) Power Supported by W-Boost


    Please Note:

    1. Using RIVER 2 Pro six times a week, 3000 full 100% cycles will last 9.6 years until it drops to 80%.
    2. BMS includes over-voltage, overloading, over-temperature, short circuit, low-temperature, low voltage, and overcurrent.
    3. When charging and discharging at high wattage, RIVER 2 Pro may make a noise up to 62db.



    EcoFlow GLACIER Portable Fridge Freezer FAQ 

    Q) What should I take note of when maintaining and storing GLACIER?
    Ensure that you drain and dry the ice container if you don't plan on using it for a while. 2.The dual temperature zone can be cleaned by wiping a soft cloth. 3.Ensure GLACIER is at a normal temperature before cleaning it. 4.Completely drain and return the drain pipe to its original position before transporting GLACIER.

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